What Ohio Home Buyers Look for in a Window

Planning to sell your home soon? Don’t list it on the market just yet. If you want to attract more potential buyers, you’ll want to consider a few key renovations to make your home more presentable. It’s a big investment since you’ll have to consider the costs for replacement doors, windows, siding and many other aspects of your home. While they can be pricey to invest in, this is often worth spending if they raise your home’s resale value and give you a higher return on investment.

Home Buyers Look for in a Window

While you can consider replacing certain components, such as patio doors and the roofing system, it’s the different features of replacement windows that can attract many potential homebuyers. 

Minimal Maintenance

Maintaining your home won’t always be easy, especially with getting your roof inspected and gutters cleaned to prevent clogging issues. But while this can be done through routine inspections with a professional, future buyers find it appealing when the windows don’t need much maintenance, save for a few repairs in case of damage.

The material and quality of the window products will also determine how frequently they’ll need to be maintained. Some windows will be cheaper than others, but many potential homebuyers go for better quality. You should also go for windows that are more cost-effective as well to attract more buyers. 

Quick tip: When maintaining windows, homebuyers always look for better convenience and efficiency. You should consider materials that offer good durability, such as our Fibrex® material, which already offers great protection along with ease of maintenance. Our Fibrex frames won’t rot like wood and can last up to 20 years with hardly any maintenance needed!

Energy Efficiency

Future buyers will always want a home with features that improve energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR®-rated products are made with quality materials and are designed to lower indoor heating and cooling costs. You can find the ENERGY STAR rating in appliances, HVAC systems and window products.

When potential buyers come to check out your home, they’ll usually take a closer look at your windows. Single-paned windows are cheap and tend to be more common in older homes, but also have almost no thermal insulation whatsoever. They’re hardly effective in keeping your home energy-efficient, which can make some buyers think twice before purchasing the home. To ensure that your new windows have the energy-efficient features that buyers are looking for, make sure your windows have at least dual-pane glass.

Quick tip: Quality energy-efficient windows tend to have good solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) ratings and U-values that are suited for the environment. The lower the ratings of these energy performance indicators are, the better. If you have openings that don’t normally fit standard windows, invest in specialty windows to prevent drafts and air leaks that may otherwise affect indoor air quality, comfort and efficiency.


As you browse different window styles for your replacement project, visual appeal isn’t the only factor you need to consider. You need to check their features and qualities as well to see if the product can increase your home’s comfort. By looking at their manufacturer’s information, you can determine if the window you’re keen on buying can effectively keep room temperatures naturally cool during the summer months and retain the indoor heat during the winter season.

Quick tip: Some windows are also more attractive to home buyers if they can prevent the solar heat from getting into your home. Make sure to get sliding or bay windows that have what’s called a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating, which is an invisible layer applied on the glass to minimize heat transfer and ensure consistent indoor comfort. 


No matter your reason for investing in replacement windows, you’ll attract more potential buyers if they’re made and installed by trusted contractors. If you prefer getting windows that are made of traditional materials, you should know that they’re not always a reliable feature for some buyers. This is because they come with certain drawbacks. Wood, for instance, tends to rot and expand under fluctuating temperatures. They can also get damaged under constant exposure to natural elements unless they’re maintained regularly, which can become expensive over time and make some buyers hesitant about purchasing your home.

Another example of window material is vinyl, which is available in different styles and colors that won’t easily fade even after several years. They’re also durable enough to withstand most dents and scratches. But like every other material, it also has a few drawbacks. When under extremely low temperatures, it can turn brittle and affect the window’s effectiveness in retaining indoor heat. 

Quick tip: Our Fibrex windows are twice as strong as vinyl and won’t easily peel, blister, flake or break under cold weather. It also has superior resistance to natural elements, so it won’t easily decay and grow mold. They even stay rigid and stable under extreme temperatures while keeping the interiors comfy. This is thanks to the material consisting of around 40% wood fiber with 60% thermoplastic polymer by weight. It’s also made from reclaimed materials, making it more sustainable for the environment compared to other products!

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