5 Window Maintenance Habits That You Should Stop

A window in good condition can last 20 years. Proper maintenance and care contribute to your windows’ condition. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to learn how to properly maintain your windows. In this article, doors and windows service contractor Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island will share five bad window maintenance habits you should stop today.

Window Maintenance Habits

You may not be aware that these habits are cutting down your window’s lifespan. These can cost you prematurely replacing your windows. Take note of the following bad habits and remember to stop doing them.

1. Stop Leaving the Window Coverings Down. Leaving your window coverings down in the winter can trap moisture in your home. Condensation happens and blocking the airflow through your windows will trap the moisture inside. This can lead to mold build-up that can damage to household components like your wooden patio doors. Remember to raise your window covering a few inches to prevent trap moisture. 

2. Don’t use a storm window on top of a window that has a Low-E coating. Low-E coated windows are designed to reflect heat from the sun. Installing a Low-E coating window on top of a storm window traps the heat. The trapped heat is stuck between the panes of glass and can cause extremely hot window glass. This may lead to worse property damage.

3. Be careful when washing near your windows. The pressure of a power washer and the muriatic acid found in masonry cleaning solutions can damage your window’s seal. This can cause fogging between the glass. It can weaken the insulation of your window, losing its energy efficiency.

4. Start cleaning the dirt and debris in your window where the sash meets the frame. This will prevent pitting and corrosion. When stuck, try applying a dry silicone spray that will help it to move more easily again.

5. Don’t forget to lock your windows. Locking your windows tightens the seal between the sash and weather strip. Closing your windows is not enough. It should be locked to prevent trapping moisture inside your home.

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