Should We Open the Windows When It’s Hot or Not?

Leaving your windows open in the summer might be a source of endless debate. When it is hot, people naturally think that keeping the windows open is the best solution because we assume that the interiors can be cooled down by the moving air. However, that is not always the case. Here are some things we need to be mindful of before calling a window replacement contractor to endure the heat:

Open the Windows When It’s Hot or Not

1. Sometimes, the air outside the home is warmer than the air inside. Opening the windows simply lets cool air escape and hot air enter, resulting in a hotter interior. Before deciding to open all your windows at home during hot weather, grab a thermometer and check if it’s hotter outside the house. If it’s cooler indoors, just close your windows.

2. However, if your place is properly insulated upon window replacement, it might be better to keep windows closed. Understand that they help prevent warm air from escaping during the cold weather, so you’ll benefit from them all year round. Old or broken windows need to be replaced as well though. A composite window replacement might be a good choice for your home.

Hence, there is not a definite answer for this dilemma. Everything still depends on your house and your preferences. Your decision to leave the windows open always varies depending on your current situation. Just remember that by leaving your windows open, you might allow unwanted intruders, like animals, insects and even people to enter your home.

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