Bad Window Maintenance Habits to Avoid

Improper window maintenance is just as bad as neglecting to routinely clean your windows. That’s why Renewal by Andersen® of Knoxville, your local window contractor, compiled a guide on bad window maintenance habits to avoid. 


Sloppy Window Cleaning 

Before cleaning your windows, you should always check the window manufacturer’s manual for specific cleaning instructions. In particular, you should check if there are warnings about chemicals that can damage the window frame. If you’re using commercial window cleaners, make sure to check the label for any of these chemicals. 

Here’s a cleaning tip: Most homeowners prefer using a mild cleaning solution made from dishwashing detergent and vinegar to clean new replacement windows. To create an all-purpose cleaning solution, combine 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent, and 2 cups of distilled water in a spray bottle. Make sure to use distilled water, not tap water which contains traces of minerals that can leave behind annoying white streaks on the window glass. 

Not Being Careful When Cleaning Your Exterior 

You need to be extra careful while cleaning your exterior to prevent your windows from being damaged. For instance, if you have a brick exterior, you need to make sure the masonry cleaning solution doesn’t drip onto your windows. Masonry cleaning solution contains muriatic acid, which can damage the glass sealing. If you’re using a pressure washer, lower the pressure while cleaning areas near windows. 

Neglecting to Clean Your Sliding Window’s Tracks and Lubricate Its Rollers

Thanks to their ease of use, sliding windows are one of the most popular replacement windows on the market. Their tracks should be cleaned regularly and their rollers routinely lubricated. Otherwise, dirt and dust might accumulate in the tracks and prevent your windows from sliding open. 

Removing Dirt from the Window Tracks 

How do you properly clean the tracks? You’ll need a toothbrush, a nylon scrub brush, a vinegar cleaning solution (mix two tablespoons of vinegar with distilled water in a spray bottle), a washcloth, and a vacuum cleaner. Carefully remove the sliding windows from the tracks and vacuum the dirt and dust that accumulated in the tracks. Next, spray a little bit of the solution onto the tracks and scrub the dirt still stuck in the tracks. Use a toothbrush to remove debris in corners. Afterward, mop up the grime with a washcloth. 

While most window manufacturers provide essentially the same set of cleaning instructions for sliding windows, some brands may have provided specific instructions. That’s why you should check the manual from the window company or manufacturer before cleaning your sliding windows. 

Leaving Your Windows Open 

A simple mistake like leaving your windows open can shorten its lifespan. If the windows aren’t locked, moisture can infiltrate your interior. Excess indoor moisture is problematic because it creates a damp environment that’s conducive to the formation of mold, which can eat away wooden window frames.  

Leaving the Blinds Down

Moisture can also get trapped in your interior if you leave the blinds down in winter. If you want to reduce the natural lighting in your room, make sure the bottom part of your blinds is at least a few inches above the window sill. For more maintenance tips, consult a reputable window contractor

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