Benefits of Renewal by Andersen Window Grilles in New Jersey & New York

For New Jersey & New York Metro homeowners who admire the distinctive ornamentation of legacy sash windows, replacement window grilles offer a modern, energy-efficient solution in home décor. Grilles, unlike sash strips from the 19th and 20th centuries that joined many smaller panes together to create larger windows, are purely decorative today. This week’s installment of the Renewal by Andersen blog covers some of the benefits and options in choosing window grilles when designing your new windows.

A Look at the Past: Grilles vs Sashing Strips

Early glass manufacturing processes created glass that was thick and heavy and could only be made in small pieces. The view was cloudy, and opening and closing windows required weights and counter-balances. Large operable windows with a single sheet of glass were not affordable or practical so manufacturers combined multiple smaller panes with sashing strips, sometimes called mullions, when creating windows of any substantial size. While the view lacked perfection, examples of stunning Queen Anne and bungalow windows found in historic homes demonstrate superior craftsmanship and dedication to detail. When touring homes built in the late 1800’s, you’ll generally find sash windows with an intricate design on the upper sash for decorative appeal and an unadorned lower sash for viewing.

Near the turn of the 20th century, window manufacturing shifted away from the highly-ornamental period embellishment, but continued the pattern of using a divided-lite upper over a simple, full-lite lower sash. Today, homeowners may choose to add decorative grilles on the upper, the lower or both sash. Of course, some homeowners prefer windows without any distractions to shape the view.

Here are three pros and three cons of replacement window grilles today.

Replacement Window Grille Benefits

With several styles of grilles available, homeowners have options that make cleaning easier, replicate legacy window styles and create distinctive, original focal points.

  1. For the easiest cleaning, homeowners often choose between-the-glass grilles because there are no interior or exterior parts to get in the way of a clean window pane. Simply wipe down the glass and move on to the next window. Certain home styles – such as the Colonial and bungalow architecture – demand at least the appearance of divided-lite windows.
  2. Standard grille patterns and a full-divided-light grille style provides a visual representation that almost perfectly replicates original divided-lite windows. Permanently affixed exteriors with permanent or removable interior options are available.
  3. Adding a complementary, custom feature helps homeowners tie their interior decorating scheme together. Hardwood grilles afford the option of precisely matching existing trim and finish work or choosing a contrasting color to add a bit of visual texture.

Reasons You Might Not Want Replacement Window Grilles

While there aren’t many drawbacks to adding window grilles, we’ve come up with three possible reasons our friends and neighbors may say “No” to these optional features.

  1. Since grilles no longer serve a functional purpose, some homeowners want to skip this design element to capture a pure, unobstructed view of the world outside their homes.
  2. Most modern architecture originally had windows without grilles.
  3. People with a limited budget who need to replace aging, dilapidated home windows, may opt to skip the non-essentials – although the cost of adding grilles is rarely a budget-buster.

Learn More About Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Grilles Today!

Modern, Energy-Star labeled replacement windows offer superior energy-efficiency benefits whether you choose standard grilles, design a custom grille layout or choose to skip the decorative element all together. Want to explore more design options in the Renewal by Andersen portfolio? Fill in the form on this page or dial (866) 609-5033 to schedule a private, in-home consultation with a home improvement specialist.


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