Double Hung Window Frame Check Rail Options on Long Island

Long Island homeowners who choose to upgrade their homes with modern double-hung replacement windows consider many details, including window frame parts material and thickness, glass types, and specialty hardware. Have you thought about check rail solutions for your double hung windows? Do you even know what a check rail is or that you have options in this area? Many people outside the building industry aren’t familiar with this window feature, so this article will help explain this important functional design element.

The Evolution of Double Hung Window Check Rails

Historically, double hung windows had a stationary upper sash and a movable lower sash. When double-hung windows with two operable sash were introduced, builders added a plain meeting rail installed at the place where the two sash came together when closed. As manufacturing methods advanced, factories began building double-hung windows with vertical parting beads between the two panels, called a check rail, which allowed the individual panels to move in separate tracks, using counterbalanced weights. Over time, improvements to the original construction and design resulted in a check rail capable of accepting weather-stripping, which significantly reduced air and moisture leaks. By the 1930’s, while people could still order less expensive windows with plain meeting rails for barns and other out-buildings, most double-hung windows installed in homes featured the modern check rail offering higher energy-efficiency.

Replacement Window Check Rails for the 21st Century

Today, homeowners living in the Long Island area who order custom-built replacement windows have beautiful, aesthetically pleasing interior options crafted with Fibrex material that further improves energy-efficiency. Traditional check rail choices built with clean, crisp lines deliver a classic design element that closely resembles legacy windows while blocking air, moisture, dust and other airborne particles from entering the home. For people who prefer a modern appearance, the Contemporary option offers all the benefits with slightly rounded edges. Regardless of which style you choose, check rail selections give you another opportunity to express your style and personal decorating preferences.

Double Hung window frame check rail style and width choices add another customization solution that ensures new replacement windows complement your home’s architectural features and your personal interior decorating scheme. The right selection is one that adds to the beauty of your home without shouting for attention.

Color Finishes & Check Rail Solutions

Colors and finishes for both contemporary and traditional check rails start with two basic options: factory finished Fibrex or paintable/stainable wood homeowners can finish themselves. Consider these choices:

  • Fibrex check rails come in Canvas, Terratone, Sandtone and White finishes.
  • Wood interiors come in Oak, Pine or Maple.

When deciding whether to paint or stain wood interiors or add Fibrex features, remember that check rails are built into the window unit in the factory. You will need to prepare your window properly before adding the finishing touches. Follow these guidelines to get started.

  • Protect all non-wood window surfaces from paint splatter.
  • Slightly rough up the surface with fine sandpaper or steel wool to help primer and paint absorption.
  • Use a quick-dry primer, allowing the surfaces to dry thoroughly before applying the finish coat.
  • Follow all manufacturer’s instructions on the paint or stain container.
  • Never use harsh chemicals for clean up since doing so could permanently damage Fibrex material and other components if it contacts non-wood window parts.

Learn More About Double Hung Window Check Rails & Other Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Frame Elements

Check rail selection may seem like an insignificant detail, but even the smallest design choices impact overall performance and beauty. Need more information about check rails or other replacement window features? Renewal by Andersen of Long Island specialists can help. Just fill in the short form on this page or dial (866) 609-5033.

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