Can Strong Winds Cause Window Seal Failure?

According to window replacement experts in Knoxville, Tennessee, there are a few signs that can tell you that your home’s windows are damaged. For example, your windows could suffer from rotted or warped frames, condensation or even foggy windows. When it comes to foggy windows, however, some homeowners are wondering if strong winds can be the cause of this kind of damage.

In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Knoxville discusses if strong winds can cause your window seals to fail.

Can Strong Winds Cause Window Seals to Fail?

When it comes to window seals on double-hung windows or any window style, Knoxville window professionals will tell you that windows don’t last forever. This is because as time goes by, the elements can eventually take a toll on your window seals no matter what the climate of your area is. For instance, age can eventually cause the seals of your windows to deteriorate and fail, causing air leaks that can lead to higher energy bills. Apart from that, the changes in temperatures throughout the day can cause the gas within your windows to expand or contract and over time, this causes a strain between the glass, leading to window seal failure that causes your windows to fog.

So where do strong winds come into this? Well, while shifting temperatures are the worst enemy of your window seals, strong winds can still play a part in causing them to finally give out even if they aren’t the main cause. This is because if the seals on your windows are already old or damaged, strong winds or wind-blown debris can be the final straw that completely causes your seals to break. If you want to know whether strong winds did play a factor in the failure of your window seals, consider hiring a window inspection expert to thoroughly examine your windows.

How to Prevent Your Window Seals From Failing

Window seals are an important component of your windows and, as such, if you want to prevent your energy bills from suddenly spiking, it’s in your best interest that they remain intact. If your window’s seals have already failed, there’s not much you can do apart from having a professional like Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville replace the seals, or the window itself if it has some years behind it. If you purchased a window that has a lifetime warranty, you should be able to do this without having to pay out of pocket.

On the other hand, if you want to prevent your window seals from failing, be sure to have your windows maintained on a regular basis. That way, professionals can spot any damage it may have sustained and repair it before it becomes a major issue. Apart from that, cleaning your windows every now and then can also keep the seals in good form so long as you don’t use a pressure washer to clean it. If you intend to repaint your windows, meanwhile, don’t use heat guns to remove paint from the frames. Instead, carefully scrape and sand the window frames so the window seals will remain intact. The new coat of paint should be able to give the seal an additional layer of protection.

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