Customized Replacement Patio Door Configurations for NJ & NY

Deciding whether you prefer Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro’s sliding replacement patio doors or one of its hinged styles is only the first step when you prepare to update a secondary entrance in your home. The major advantage of choosing custom-crafted replacement patio doors is the opportunity to address the “problem areas” that prompted you to choose now to update your New Jersey or New York metropolitan home.

Customization of your doors enhances beauty of your doors as well as the functionality, energy efficiency, convenience and comfort. The first step for many homeowners is considering how different door configurations influence panel size, construction material, color, finish and accessory choices.

Patio Door Basics

When thinking about patio door solutions, most people envision multi-panel doors with one operating panel that slides horizontally or one “traditional” door that swings open from side hinges.

In reality, there are many possibilities. Depending on the size of the opening when we remove your existing patio entrance door, you may choose a three- or four- panel slider design where all sash move, or choose to make one or more panels stay stationary.

Alternatively, you may prefer a French style patio door, and choose the configuration that best fits your lifestyle and aesthetic vision.

4 French Door Options

Here are four possibilities, although there are other custom solutions.

#1. One operating panel and one stationary panel

#2. Two panels that swing-in or swing-out

#3. An “unequal” two-door configuration where one panel is wider than its companion to allow more room for foot traffic without having two operating panels

#4. A single door with its own handle and locking mechanism, and a smaller, second door that also opens for full-access when you don’t need a wider entrance

Buying high-quality replacement patio doors means you’re able to choose styles and configurations based on the floor space and traffic patterns in your home as well as your personal decorating preferences and energy efficiency goals. The only real limitation is the available space for installing your custom-built replacement patio doors.

When you have limited space, our experts generally recommend sliding patio doors; however we work with our New Jersey and metropolitan New York homeowners to bring their ideal vision to life no matter the space constraints.

Beyond Configuration Design

We offer three distinct patio door solutions.

#1. French-style hinged patio doors which add classic, old world charm and elegance to your home with traditional styling.

#2. French-style sliders, suitable for homes with limited deck space or interior floor space when you want the look and feel of traditional in-swing or out-swing doors.

#3. Sliding patio doors that perfectly complement contemporary architecture, while offering the ease of use and low-maintenance features built into every home improvement product in our portfolio.

All RbA Patio Doors Have These Benefits

No matter which style you ultimately decide is best for you and your family, you have access to high-performance construction materials and window components.

  • Low-E glass options that boost energy-efficiency, saving you money on heating and cooling bills
  • More than four dozen factory applied color combinations and stainable/paintable wood interiors that allow you to match or contrast existing architectural and interior decorating schemes
  • Standard hardware, and an exclusive line of Renewal by Andersen handles and latches you won’t find anywhere else
  • Three grill styles you can use to add visual texture and interest or mimic existing window grill designs
  • Standard insect screens, and optional TruScene screens with micro fine fiber that blocks most dirt, dust, pollen and even the tiniest no-see-ums to maximize indoor comfort.

Schedule Your Free, No-Obligation Patio Door Consultation with a Renewal by Andersen Specialist Today

Whether you want a simple, traditional replacement patio door style for your New Jersey or New York Metro home, or you have a totally unique configuration in mind, we can bring your vision to life. Just fill in the short form on this page or call (866) 609-5033 to get started.



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