Horizontal vs Vertical Opening Window Replacement Solutions

Most Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window styles fall under two main categories: vertical opening windows and horizontal sliding windows. Each group offers a unique set of advantages and potential drawbacks for Long Island homeowners. A third category, fixed windows have their own advantages and disadvantages that we’ll discuss in a separate post.

To help you decide which window style is appropriate for each room in your home, we’ve put together a short description of each style.

Vertically Opening Windows: Pros & Cons

Homeowners usually have two vertical operating replacement window options:

#1. A single hung window, with a lower sash that raises and a fixed upper sash, or

#2. A double hung window, with two movable sash, that slide over each other for ventilation and egress.

Both single- and double-hung replacement windows create an airtight seal against weather elements. And, you can design windows that have two sash exactly the same size and shape, or opt to configure your window units with sash of different proportions – oriel and cottage are two popular styles.

Unlike single-hung windows, double-hung windows have a tilt-to-clean design that allows Long Island homeowners to clean interior and exterior glass surfaces from inside their homes, which saves time and frustration, especially when cleaning windows in upper floors.

Double-hung windows allow more efficient air circulation. People with small children also like that the opening can be set higher off the floor, so there is less risk a child will accidentally fall through or crawl out an open window.

Modern manufacturing processes and superior insulating materials, like our patented Fibrex composite window frames, eliminate many of the problems seen with older wood windows. Today’s homeowners won’t have to deal with vertical windows that stick, suddenly close without warning or develop air leaks due to moisture damage.

Horizontally Operating Replacement Windows: Pros & Cons

Most people say that horizontal sliders are easier to operate than vertically operating replacement windows.

Modern track design means you can literally open and close your windows with one finger, no lever to turn, and no lifting or pulling required.

On the downside, you will need to clean your tracks once in a while to make sure dirt and debris don’t build up under the sash. And, some window frame materials, like vinyl can weaken, making horizontal sliders prone to sagging and premature performance decline.

Horizontal sliders are perfect in areas where a crank-type window (casements, awnings and hoppers) may block traffic patterns when open. Open or closed, they require zero floor space, and there are many configuration possibilities, including:

  • One fixed panel and one operational panel, or
  • Two operational panels that cross each other, or
  • Operational panels that cross over a center fixed panel.

Which Renewal by Andersen Sliding Replacement Style is Best for Your Long Island Home?

As you can see, there aren’t many disadvantages to installing sliding replacement windows, especially since we only use high-performance construction materials like Fibrex. Of course, you may want to explore other styles like beautiful bay and bow configurations, or casement windows that crank out from side hinges for maximum air circulation.

Our full line of replacement window and patio door products offers Long Island homeowners the following seven advantages (among others):

#1. Effortless operating experience

#2. Easy cleaning

#3. High-performance TruScene insect screens

#4. Standard and custom grille layout

#5. High-quality handles, locks and hinges

#6. Our 20/2/10 warranty

#7. Expert installation to ensure your replacement windows keeping working day after day, for as long as you live in your home.

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Check out this post for more information on the benefits of sliding windows.

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