Decorating with Old Windows

Old windows don’t always have to be thrown away when you put in new replacement windows.  Some older model windows work well as décor for your home and yard.

Wall Art from Old Windows

Old windows that come with the interior framing (the window looks like it is made up of a bunch of smaller squares), make beautiful poster frames.

First, find a poster of an outdoor scene.  Something like a beach, a Paris street, the sunset over a Caribbean hut; whatever scene you want on your wall.  Next, place the poster on the interior of the window and secure.

As simple as that and now you have a piece of wall art that looks like you are looking out the window at a beautiful outdoor scene.

Old Windows Make Fun Outdoor Art

Just like with the wall art, you can hang old windows on the outside of your garage, your home or even on your garden fence.  The only different is that you will not be attaching a poster on the inside of the window.  Old windows that are used for outdoor art look better when you can see through the glass.

This type of outdoor décor works well if you have a country or older period of time theme going for your yard or home.  With more modern looking homes, the old windows just look like old garbage and really shouldn’t be used.

Create an Outside Wall with Old Windows

If you have multiple old windows from a window replacement project, create a whole outside wall out of them.

Find a space that has two places where you can secure the windows to on either side.  For example, they could be secured to the two poles that are holding your patio roof up (anything stationary).  If it is a space wider than the windows, consider hanging the windows on decorative pieces of wood that are securely attached on either side to the stationary object.

The old windows can also be attached to each other for very wide spaces.

5 Old Windows Can Make a Mini Greenhouse

To make a mini greenhouse out of old windows, take 4 of the windows and attach them to each other, so that they make a square.  Next, take the 5th window and place it on the open top of the square.  Attach this last window with hinges so that you can raise it just like a lid.

In no time at all you will have your very own mini greenhouse out of old windows that you can move to wherever you want to grow plants year round.

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