How Do We Age Gracefully as Homeowners?

How do we age and still keep up with our home at the same time?

This is a question that many aging homeowners face.  They still want to live independently, but as time goes on, some of the once easy tasks become too hard.  Before deciding that it is time to move into a retirement home though, there are some things you can do to make maintaining a home a little easier for you.

How Do We Age and Still Be Able Clean Hard to Reach Places?

Hard to reach places in the home end up going without cleaning the older we get.  The desire or ability to climb up on a ladder diminishes with age, but these places still need to be cleaned.

In this case, you have two options.  One, you can hire a person to clean for you; which is really not a bad idea.  Two, you can adjust things so that you don’t have to clean these spots as often.

For example, placing a cloth on the top of the refrigerator will allow you to only have to clean the top of the fridge maybe once a year.  In between cleanings just grab the cloth, throw it in the wash, and then put it back on top.

Windows that open, but are located in places that are hard to get to can be replaced with glass blocks or with windows that don’t open.  This will give you less to clean and be able to go longer between cleanings.

How Do We Age and Still Work the Heavy Windows and Doors?

Unfortunately, as we age things get harder to open and lift.  The windows become more difficult to raise open, so they are left close.  Doors feel heavier than they ever have in the past, requiring more effort to get them open.

Windows that can only be opened by lifting them up can be replaced with windows that are easier to open.  Windows that open with a crank handle or slide to the side will allow you to open the windows once again without struggle.

Old, heavy doors can be replaced with strong, sturdy metal doors that are much lighter.  These doors will allow you to get into your home with less trouble.  If it is a heavy, glass, sliding door that is giving you trouble think about replacing that door with easier to open French doors instead.

Just like with everything else that changes when we age, we have to make adjustments.  These living adjustments answer the question of how do we age and still manage to live in our homes.  Renewal by Andersen can assist with these decision by providing you with quality options.  Contact us at our showroom locations or schedule a free in-home consultation.

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