Protecting Your Furniture from Sun Damage

Even inside your home, your furniture can still be damaged by the sun.  Wherever the sun can get in, whether it is through a window or a door, if hit shines on your furniture it will damage it.

This damage is exclusively on the outside of your furniture and is more cosmetic than anything else.  What happens is that the sun’s rays bleach the material that your furniture is made of aging it and making it look uneven.  There are no materials that are safe from this sun bleaching; it can happen to leather, fabric, wood, and plastic.

To protect your furniture from sun damage, you need to take precautions.

Avoid Sun Damage with Furniture Placement

The easiest way to protect your furniture from sun damage is to keep it out of the sunlight.  Move furniture out of where the sun’s rays come in through the window and use those areas as walkways instead.

Window Treatments to Block Sun Damage

The second easiest way to prevent sun damage is to keep your window treatments closed when the sun is coming through the windows.  Having that extra barrier in between the window and the furniture will prevent the sun’s rays from getting to the furniture.

Decrease Sun Damage with UV Film

If you don’t want to keep your window treatments closed while the sun is coming through, consider applying a UV film. UV films are applied directly to your windows to block the sun’s UV rays.  You can also buy replacement windows with this film already applied.

The UV film acts as a barrier that you can see through, but still prevents most of the sun’s damaging rays from getting into your home.

Protective Sprays to Fight Sun Damage

There are also sprays on the market today that will protect your furniture from sun damage.  It is sprayed on just like a waterproof spray would be, and then you don’t have to worry about damage to your furniture from the sun.

These sprays are available online, at stores, and also in some furniture stores.  Be sure to read the directions and be careful around pets and kids when you apply it.

Energy-Efficient Windows Decrease Sun Damage

Energy-efficient windows are able to block most of the sun’s UV rays from coming in your home; similar to the UV film.  The energy-efficient windows come with added bonuses through.

One, they make your house look nicer as you are getting new windows installed.  Two, they also can save you money on your monthly heating and cooling bill on top of saving your furniture from sun damage.


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