Free eBook Helps Long Island Homeowners Choose the Right Replacement Window for Their Home

Free Replacement Window eBookRenewal by Andersen of Long Island is pleased to announce the availability of our new eBook: “The Four Pillars of Replacement Window Satisfaction”.

Available now as a free download from our site, the book is a must for anyone considering purchasing replacement windows now or in the future. A full 28-pages chock-full of useful information, this book covers all the important topics you need to know before buying replacement windows, including:

Pillar 1: Window Frame Materials

Pillar 2: Window Glass

Pillar 3: Window Installation

Pillar 4: Window Design

The book provides consumers with free information about the features and benefits of all the different types of replacement windows available to them in the Long Island market.

As the title implies, a replacement window missing or with a weakness in any of these four pillars is likely to bring down your whole replacement window experience. Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is making this book available for free to any homeowner in Long Island who would like a copy. There is no obligation to purchase windows from Renewal by Andersen or anyone else just for downloading the book.

“We just want you to have the information you need before you purchase any windows,” Renewal by Andersen of Long Island president Joe Ronzino said.

The “Four Pillars of Replacement Window Satisfaction” is intended to provide Long Islanders with a solid foundation of information before they go window shopping to help them ask the right questions and make more educated decisions for their home and family.

“Most people we meet are unaware of how the different parts and pieces of today’s replacement window can affect their overall satisfaction with their windows,’ Ronzino, said. “A large part of our initial consultation with a consumer is spent educating them on how each of these pieces affect the overall quality of the window and the value they receive for the dollar spent. That’s a lot of information to take in, so we created this book to help them get a good foundation before they even start shopping.”

Below is a summary of the chapters in the book. For more information, visit our free Download Page.

I. The Window Frames Pillar

Discusses the pros and cons of the four most popular window frame materials: Wood, Metal, Vinyl and Composite.

II. The Window Glass Pillar

Provides a brief history of glass, from artifacts suggesting the first man-made glass objects were made around 3500 BCE through discussing the pros and cons of different window solutions, including single pane glass, storm windows, insulated glass and low-e high performance glass.

III. The Installation Pillar

Discusses the importance of proper installation to ensure that the windows perform as expected over time and covers such important topics as accurate measurement, what should happen on the job site to prepare for the installation, the installation itself, and the final piece, cleanup.

IV. The Design Pillar

Covers a variety of aesthetic considerations, including the different window styles (double hung, sliding, casement, bay bow, awning, picture, etc.); hardware function, color and finish choices; different types of window grilles and insect screens; and finally, care and maintenance features of today’s replacement windows.

Consumers can download the Free eBook today!

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