Open Sesame: 4 Entry Door Ideas to Expand Your Living Space

As a prominent part of your home’s exteriors, your doors add a great deal of curb appeal. However, they have an impact on your interiors too. The right entry doors, in particular, can dramatically change the way you use space in your home.

Here are some space-expanding door ideas from your expert exterior door replacement company in Cincinnati:

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Grand Opening

Oversized doors let in a lot of natural light, brightening up any room and giving the impression of space. They’re like a wide welcoming grin, which is great for greeting guests. Consider getting them in classic yet interesting colors like blacks, reds, and greens to add an extra dose of personality.

For maximum drama, lighting, and design flexibility, pair large doors with custom windows and/or sidelights. Think about getting ProVia®’s hand-stained transom and sidelight options in a wide selection of patterns and artistic effects. As for custom replacement windows, no other company offers more sizes and styles than Renewal by Andersen®. You can have specialty windows custom-made in 13 different geometric shapes that will look good on your entryway.

Through the Looking Glass

Extra-wide doors aren’t the only units that can create the illusion of a bigger space. Doors with narrow frames and lots of glass capture optimal lighting and views, giving the effect of a wider space. To keep your privacy, consider decorative or specialty glass. ProVia specializes in finely crafted glass designs that provide stunning design accents at the same time.

Double Vision

Nothing says poised charm better than classic side-hinged double doors. They create an elegant and spacious pathway between your front steps and living space. Inlaid with glass, they capture open views, effectively bringing the outside in.

ProVia’s Heritage™ and Signet™ fiberglass entry doors look great in pairs. They feature a wood grain texture that convincingly replicates the timeless look of natural wood. If you’re looking to impress guests, these doors are the way to do it. In addition, they provide a superior level of security you’d be hard-pressed to find in other units.

Let It Slide

While not typically used as entry doors, gliding patio doors in Cincinnati are worth mentioning since they are truly space-saving elsewhere in the house. They’re perfect for small spaces where there isn’t very much room for outward or inward swings. Use them to separate bedrooms from living rooms for single floor homes, or to connect patio, gardens, or decks to other areas of the house.

Andersen contemporary gliding patio doors will make great additions to homes with modern architecture and interiors. The narrow frames and big glass area can make any room look more open and relaxing. They come in Narroline® and Perma-Shield® materials, both extremely sturdy and weathertight, giving you unparalleled protection from the elements.

Enjoyed these recommendations? Get in touch with Renewal by Andersen of Cincinnati for more ideas. When you call us at (513) 813-5834, you can also schedule a free door consultation and request an estimate.


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