How Do Strong Winds Contribute to Window Seal Deterioration?

Sometimes, you’ll notice some fog forming on your windows. This can happen depending on the season, but if you look closely and see that it’s forming inside the glass panes, you can be sure that their seals have failed. Of course, this will not likely happen anytime soon if your windows were recently replaced unless there’s a manufacturing defect. Otherwise, you should consider other factors that can lead to failed seals, such as age and amount of maintenance.  

How Do Strong Winds Contribute to Window Seal Deterioration?

Weather can also play a big part in seal deterioration, especially if your area tends to experience strong winds throughout the year. 

Understanding Your Windows

Today’s windows have frames that hold two or more layers of glass with moisture-less gas trapped in between them. These are known as insulated glass (IG) units. Manufacturers fill the spaces between the panes with inert gas, which are much more efficient in reducing solar heat gain and keeping your indoor living spaces comfortable. This also makes them more resistant to fogging. Even with consistent maintenance, these windows are still subject to natural wear and tear over time. 

How Wind Plays a Role in Seal Deterioration

The seals, along with the other components of your windows, are designed to withstand the harsh elements. However, prolonged exposure can gradually cause them to deteriorate and fail. Strong winds, in particular, are among the natural forces that can be most intense on the windows that directly face them. 

Wind does have an effect on the function of your windows. It can be a final factor in their failure, especially if they are already showing their age. Wind during a heavy downpour can likewise be a factor, with moisture seeping through the panes when the seals are already damaged. In this regard, wind shouldn’t always be viewed as the sole reason for window seal failure. More often than not, it can be a contributing factor in already existing damage.

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