How Often Should Your Windows Be Cleaned?

Sparkling clean windows can add a tremendous amount of curb appeal to your home. Conversely, grimy ones can make your house look shabby and poorly maintained. Needless to say, cleaning your windows regularly is an important home maintenance task that should not be overlooked. However, many homeowners still don’t know how often they should clean their windows. Is it every year? Every quarter? Your trusted local window company sheds some light on window cleaning.

Windows Be Cleaned

The Benefits of Clean Windows

As mentioned above, spotless windows can boost your curb appeal, but that isn’t the only reason why you should give them a regular scrubbing. Dirty windows can lead to visibility problems and, in advance cases, can even block natural light. In addition, excess dirt that collects on your windows can also gunk up the hardware and lead to cracking problems.

When to Clean Your Windows

It doesn’t matter if you have picture windows or casement windows, most window companies recommend that you schedule window cleaning at least twice a year. If you live in a busy neighborhood or in a place with lots of trees, you may have to do so three to four times a year.

During pollen season, you may want to clean your windows even more frequently. Grime or pollen that attaches itself to the window should be wiped off first so as not to soil your cleaning solution.

How to Clean Your Windows

For your windows to look good as new, make sure you use a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Abrasive cleaners and tools may compromise the windows’ surfaces, including the finish and glass. Pick a cloudy day for this job, as well. When it’s bright and sunny outside, the cleaning solution may dry on your windows too quickly, leaving smudges and streaks.

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