How Do You Know if You Have Poorly Installed Windows?

Replacement windows play a significant role in your home’s curb appeal, weather protection and energy efficiency. They are more likely to exceed their lifespan and perform well when installed properly. To make the most of your investment, work with reliable professionals who offer high-quality and durable products.  

How Do You Know if You Have Poorly Installed Windows?

Keep reading to discover signs you have improperly installed windows. 

The Presence of Drafts

Correctly installed windows will keep outdoor air and water from entering your living space. If you feel a temperature difference when you pass through some windows of your home, you probably have drafty windows. Drafts are often the result of insufficient insulation. You want to deal with this issue immediately because it leads to increased energy bills. 

Cracks or Gaps Between the Frame and Sill

Replacement windows are made to fit the opening snugly. If they don’t, you will see gaps between the sill and frame. If this is the case, it means that the window was not measured correctly. Contact your contractor immediately so they can correct this installation error. 

Difficult Operation

Another common issue with poorly installed windows is that they are difficult to open and close. Difficult operation is also usually caused by improper measurement. This problem will only worsen with time, so deal with it as soon as possible.

Sloppy Caulking

Contractors use caulking around the window’s exterior for sealing and weatherproofing. The bottom edge shouldn’t have caulk to keep water from leaking, but there should be caulk on the sides and top of the unit. Uneven, messy caulking is a common indication of poor window installation. 

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