Which Direction Should Casement Windows Open?

Many homeowners prefer casements due to their attractiveness, ease of maintenance and ability to improve airflow in a room. Instead of sliding along tracks, this type of window cranks or pivots in a single direction. This is why casements make a wonderful option for hard-to-reach areas in your home.  

Which Direction Should Casement Windows Open?

When getting new casements, you have to decide which way they open. Here are tips to help you determine which direction they should operate.

Know the Basics

Manufacturers label a casement window either left-hand or right-hand crank. From inside the house, a right-hand crank casement will open from the left to the right. On the other hand, a unit with a left-hand crank will open from the right to the left. 

Ventilation Matters

Quality windows can boost your home&#x2019s curb appeal and protection against the elements while improving the ventilation of your living space. You can encourage good air circulation by installing casements across all sides of your house and having them open in opposite directions. Sufficient ventilation will keep your spaces from getting excessively hot and humid, helping you avoid increased energy costs, poor indoor air quality and moisture-related issues. 

Which Is Your Dominant Hand?

Another thing to consider when deciding which way your casements should open is your dominant hand. It makes more sense for a right-handed person to choose a window that cranks from the right and vice versa. You will find it easier to open and close a window that operates in the direction of your dominant hand. 

Consider Having Casements in Pairs

Casements placed next to each other and open in opposite directions will allow more fresh air into your home. This placement also works well in bay and bow windows. Moreover, experts say casements look better when the side of their crank is near the center of the room. 

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