Should You Choose Just One Window Style for Your Home?

Most homeowners take a symmetrical approach to their home exterior design, and that’s okay. There’s beauty in symmetry, a design concept that values balance in lines, colors, shapes and patterns in order to create a look that’s both lovely and harmonious. If you take a walk around your neighborhood, you’ll notice the exterior elements are designed to be consistent with each other. This is especially noticeable in windows, which use the same style more often than not. But is limiting your home to just one window style actually necessary? 

Window Style

Short Answer: Nope

The windows at the front of your home don’t have to dictate all the other sides. There are usually two reasons why you’ll want the front windows to be the same style. The first is the aforementioned symmetry in design, which tends to be friendlier and more appealing for guests or passersby. The second is compliance to guidelines set by your local homeowner’s association, which encourages a clean and uniform exterior look to keep property values in the neighborhood up. 

Be adventurous. There’s actually no stopping you from using multiple window styles on all the other sides of your home. Just avoid mixing and matching them without any regard for consistency. You’ll still want your home to look good, and using different windows willy-nilly isn’t the way to go. There’s such a thing as being too adventurous.

Create a Cohesive Look Using Different Windows

Even if you’ve picked different window styles for a single room, you can still make them look consistent with each other. It’s a fairly simple task once you know which essentials to consider. You can, for instance:

  • Use the same trim design and color for the windows.
  • Connect different windows design-wise by choosing the same grille pattern.
  • Try to make the windows more or less the same size even if they have different styles.
  • Go for the same type of glass for the windows.

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