Making Your Windows Bird Safe

Hearing that sickening thud sound on your window or patio door is never a good feeling because it usually means that another bird has flown right into the glass.  Most of the time you just end up with a stunned and confused bird in your yard, but other times you may find a small bird that wasn’t lucky enough to be able to fly away from its mistake.

Here are some tricks to try to save the birds that visit your yard each year.

Add Something to the Glass

Birds fly into your windows and patio doors because they only see a clear passage; they don’t realize that there is a piece of glass there.  Because most fly through attempts happen with larger pieces of glass, try putting something on the glass for the bird to see so they don’t think the window or patio door is a clear spot to fly through.

Many people put up a big “X” made of non-clear tape for the birds to see.  But if you are looking for something that is a little more attractive, try hanging a large sun catcher or other decorative item in the window.

Move the Bird Feeder Away From Window

Having a bird feeder next to your window is not usually a good idea if you are trying to keep the birds from flying into your glass.  When they are done eating they may try and take off thinking there is a clear path where there is actually glass.

Instead, move your birdfeeder a little further out in the yard to a spot where you can still enjoy watching the birds, but where they are a little further from your window.

Change Your Window Design

If nothing you have tried is keeping the birds from trying to fly through your window it may be time to change window designs.  Change to something that breaks up a picture window into 2 or three thinner vertical windows.  Or stay with the single, larger window but go with a piece of glass that has grilles in or on it.

The interrupted glass will decrease the chance that the birds will try to fly through it, and it will also enhance the look of the outside of our home.

Change Your Patio Door Design

Sliding patio doors that are made up of two large pieces of glass can always be replaced with a different designed of sliding patio door that has a more interrupted glass configuration.  For example, gliding French doors are an excellent replacement.  They allow you to keep the ease of the sliding patio door and they also almost completely decrease the number of birds flying into your patio door.

Learn More About Renewal by Andersen Bird Safe Options

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