Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Grille Guide

GrillesHere on Long Island you’ll find a diverse range of home styles and decorative exteriors from Montauk to Manhattan. Naturally, every home needs a unique set of windows based on the architectural style of the home, the neighborhood and the homeowner’s design goals. Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window grilles and accents give our customers the flexibility to design windows that help bring out your home’s unique personality and charm without breaking the bank or the architect’s vision.

Depending on whether you want to design fixed windows, dress up your sliding French doors or add some decorative touches to your awning or casement windows, you can choose from a number of options including two grille widths, varied profiles and optional surrounds. Your decorating options are almost limitless by combining straight and curved pieces to create diamonds, arches, simple grids, rectangles and more.

Let’s look at a few common grille patterns.


For a classic look, you might consider a traditional divided light layout. This style has six, eight or nine equally sized square panes, divided by integral or attached grilles. The Colonial layout works well with sliding or double-hung windows. Usually you’ll find each sash resembles six equally sized window lites.

You can also use this symmetrical grille placement with a transom window detailing above doors or fixed windows. Whether you choose clear glass or a specialty glass to add color and texture to your decorating scheme is totally up to you. These accents allow you to go bold, creating a focal point that instantly attracts the eye or simply builds on the natural symmetry of your exterior features.


If you love bright sunshine flooding your home with warmth and natural light, consider the Prairie design. Originally constructed with four long rectangle panes on the outer edges, a small square anchored in each corner and a large center panel, this design allows you to add decorative elements without compromising your view.

Although the finished window looks like nine individual panes as it would have been in the days before insulated glass, today the window is constructed with one energy-efficient panel based on your glass choices and your preferences for removable or permanently affixed accents.

Modified Prairie

For window designs with two sash, the prairie design features nine-panels on each sash. The Modified Prairie design uses a grille placement that creates the appearance of six panels on each sash – making the closed window look more like a fixed window, rather than two individual sash.

If you have a Craftsman style home, you’ll probably appreciate the simple three-pane design which features two equal sections divided by a vertical strip in the upper half of the top sash, with a window-wide panel beneath and a solid unadorned lower sash for your double-hung windows.

Craftsman or Farmhouse

You can mimic this layout on fixed windows, bays and patio doors if you choose, but going overboard won’t necessarily improve your curb appeal. Talk to your replacement window consultant about which window styles and shapes best accent your architectural features without looking overdone and out of place.

If you have tall, wide windows, a Ladder layout is a unique choice that definitely adds extra detail and visual interest. The ladder layout has a large vertical rectangle surrounded by twelve equal sized vertical rectangles. The finished design looks like four rectangles on each side and the top and bottom edges. While you won’t have as large a viewing area as you will with the prairie grille design, if you have a large picture window, this is a beautiful design that gives you accent details with a good viewing area.

If you want to create a simple, country-like appearance for your home, the Renewal by Andersen Farmhouse design might be just the trick. Featuring two vertical grilles in the upper sash while leaving the lower sash plain creates a four-pane design that is simple, yet inviting.

Choosing Your Grille Type

You can mix and match profiles, widths and shapes to create custom windows to compliment your home’s exterior and other decorative features. But choosing the pattern and placement of your grilles isn’t the only consideration.

We want your windows to be beautiful, functional and high-energy solutions. That’s why we offer three different grille options for homeowners.

#1. To replicate the traditional divided glass design, we offer what we refer to as Full Divided Lite Grilles. With an aluminum spacer between the two glass panels, a permanently applied exterior grille mounted to the outside of the window and either an attached or removable grille on the inside, you’ll have beautiful, period-appropriate windows.

#2. Alternatively, you can opt for interior grilles which are only between the glass with no surface-mounted grilles at all. These grilles make window cleaning simple because there are no obstructions on the surfaces of either the interior or exterior of the window.

#3. For homeowners who like the option to change color schemes, our interior wood grilles snap on and off easily for resurfacing and routine window cleaning.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Invites You to Get Creative with Replacement Window Accents

We barely scratched the surface of your replacement window options with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island. We haven’t even get to talk to you about hardware and other accents. We’d like to sit down with you to discuss your design goals in depth. Give us a call at 866-609-5033 or fill out the form on this page so we can call you to arrange a free in-home consultation.

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