Replacement Windows Manufacturers’ Warranty

Once you’ve made the decision to replace your current windows, you’ll soon find that the work is far from over, and that there are still many factors that you need to take into consideration. Replacement windows are no small home improvement project, so one of the most important issues that you’re going to look into is the strength of your warranty. Nothing matters more to us at Renewal by Andersen of Long Island than the protection of the quality of your windows, so in today’s post we’re going to discuss what to look for when you’re looking at manufacturers and warranties.

The Big Three in Warranties

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island WarrantyWhen you start looking into warranties you’ll soon notice that there are often three separate entities whose warranties will play into your replacement window experience. One of them is the sales professional or design consultant, and they are responsible drawing up the contract that you’ll sign for your windows. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Always get it in writing” when dealing with contracts, and the Sales warranty is no different. Be sure that they guarantee everything they say will be covered. Then there’s the Manufacturer, whose warranty will cover manufacturing defects, and finally the Installer. Installation is just as, or more, important than the design and construction of a window. Improper installation cannot only ruin your windows, but may cause your manufacturer’s warranty to be voided.

Window Sales, Manufacturer and Installer Reputation

It probably comes as no surprise that we recommend taking a company’s reputation into heavy consideration when you’re looking at manufacturers and warranties. You’re going to want a company that will follow through on all of its promises, so look for a business that boasts a bevy of satisfied customers. A little bit of research now will go a long way toward a future of happiness with your windows.

Window Company History

The importance of company longevity is similar to the importance of a company’s reputation. Both boil down to whether or not the company that you’re purchasing from will be able to back up the warranty they’ve sold you— and a company that is no longer in business, can’t back up any warranty. A way to try to avoid that possibility is to look into companies that have been around for a long time, as they’re less likely to suddenly go under.

One Window Warranty for All

A little earlier in this post, we discussed the three major players in the windows warranty business, but now we’re going to talk about how having all those different cooks in your kitchen at different times can lead to problems. All too often, when there is a warranty issue with your windows these three different entities will spend more time trying to blame the other than trying to alleviate your issues. For example, the window manufacturer may blame improper installation for a defect. The installer may blame the manufacturer for what he claims is a design flaw or manufacturing defect. And everybody always blames the salesman. At Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, we offer a way around all of that “finger-pointing” by taking responsibility for all the three areas of replacing windows under one roof. We do it all; Sell, Manufacture and Install, so there’s no finger-pointing. If you have an issue with your window, we’ll take care of it, no matter who’s fault it may be. No matter where the fault lies, if there’s every a problem, Renewal by Andersen will make sure that your warranty is honored.

Contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island for More Information

Navigating sales, manufacturing and installation warranties can be a tricky business, but Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is dedicated to making the process as painless as possible. As a subsidiary of Andersen Windows, we have been providing people with quality windows for generations and our experienced design consultants are available to answer any question or concern you may have. Call us today at (866) 609-5033 for a free design consultation.


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