Save More Money With a Full Window Replacement

Do you have old casement or double-hung windows that need to be replaced? Even if your windows look mostly in-tact, it may be time to consider a replacement if they’re over a decade old. A full window replacement can also raise your home’s property value and improve its energy efficiency. To help you understand, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta explains how a full window replacement can save you more money:

Window Replacement

You Get Better ROI

Did you know that by having a full window replacement, you raise your home’s property value? Even if your current windows are still good for a few more years, replacing them with brand-new and more efficient ones attracts more potential home buyers. You can get up to a 70 percent ROI (return-on-investment) depending on the type of windows you install, especially since new windows perform better. They also enhance your home’s visual appeal, which helps sell your home faster!

Better Maintenance

A full replacement by a contractor who specializes in windows installation ensures that your new windows will last for years. And with our window products, the need for constant maintenance is also reduced with new windows, since they’re made from top-quality materials! However, you still need to clean your new windows when needed so that they won’t affect your home’s visual appeal. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

Old and drafty windows can cause loss of heat and cooling in your home and force your HVAC unit to work harder than it should. It will consume more energy, causing more wear and tear for your HVAC and break down prematurely. But with a professional window replacement, your home retains its indoor temperatures more effectively. That means there’s no need to rely on your HVAC all the time to stay comfortable indoors. Reduced HVAC usage means less energy consumed, so you get to lower energy bills over time!

Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta is your best choice for installing double-hung or casement windows. If you live in or around Atlanta, get in touch with us today at (866) 609-5033. You can also fill out our online appointment form!

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