Should You Get Window Grilles?

Grilles have been a part of windows since the 1600s when glass was being transported from the colonies back to England. The grilles were a necessary addition to prevent the large glass panes from breaking during the voyage home. Nowadays, however, they’re a good addition for new replacement windows for their aesthetic appeal. But are they always a good thing to have in every home?

Your Home Style

If you’re considering installing window grilles in your home, one of the factors you need to consider is your home’s architectural style. This is because whether or not the grilles will fit your home is dependent on the style of your home. When you’re considering this, ask yourself if your home is either the traditional or contemporary style. 

According to experts, if your home is of the traditional variant like Colonial-style homes, grilles would look good on your windows. Windows in contemporary homes, on the other hand, can work well without them.

The View

The view is another thing you need to consider when planning to add grilles to your home windows. This is because in some cases, grilles can obstruct your view of the outdoors. However, whether or not they’ll suit your windows is dependent on what your outdoor view is. For instance, if your picture window offers a beautiful view of your backyard, experts recommend that you don’t install grilles. On the other hand, if you want to distract yourself from a boring view of the street, then window grilles are a good way to do so.

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