3 Tips to Increase Resale Value & New Windows

Congratulations to our Long Island friends and neighbors planning a replacement window project to boost their property value this year. Great idea! Many real estate agents tell us that a move-in-ready home, one that doesn’t require a lot of major renovations after the closing tends to bring a higher price on the market and new windows can be a big part of that. As you prepare for your project, we hope you make changes that make your home more comfortable for you and your family as you wait for a buyer.

If you want to get the highest return on your investment (ROI), the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island team suggests you consider adding these three additional upgrades.

Keep in mind that colors and patterns tend to come and go, and a good rule of thumb is sticking to neutral elements that allow buyers to see potential for customizing spaces with their own personal preferences. As an example, when planning your new windows, remember that removable interior wood window grilles are easy to resurface to coordinate with a fresh color scheme.

Refresh Kitchen Counters

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to offer some of the best opportunities to increase resale value, but you don’t have to do a total room makeover to impress potential buyers. Updating kitchen counters and a fresh coat of paint on walls can do wonders as a makeover.

Select countertop materials that complement your home. Have a modest, older home? Choose new laminate, wood or even textured concrete rather than imported marble or high-end granite. Investing in a counter upgrade that looks out of place will likely not give you the desired boost in market price you’re looking for.

Update Green Spaces & Outdoor Living Areas

Adding pavers and lights that illuminate the walkway to your entrance is a great project. Consider installing a replacement patio door that fits your lifestyle and your budget. You’ll want a slider if you have limited space on your patio or deck. When space is not an issue, consider creating a wonderful first impression with a custom-built hinged, French style patio door.

Since you are getting ready to replace your home’s windows, take the time to make sure your landscaping and your windows are working together. For example, casement windows that crank out, can interfere with traffic patterns and shrubs and plants growing too close to the house can prevent opening the window all the way.

As we write this article, your lawn may not be lush and green, but you can spend some time visiting local nurseries, or look online to get a few ideas about how to add color and texture to your outdoor spaces when the weather warms up. Remember to ask about re-seeding bare spots and when to fertilize grass, trees and bedding plants.

You don’t have to add tons of new flowers and plants to improve curb appeal, an immaculately groomed lawn makes a fantastic first impression.

Add Some Warmth

If your home has a fireplace, make sure it is in proper working order. There is no reason to remove an indoor fireplace, unless you know about safety hazards. Converting a wood-burning fireplace to a more eco-friendly model or installing an outdoor fireplace would appeal to younger buyers, and make your home more inviting for your guests while you wait for qualified buyers.

Updating Your Long Island Home with Beautiful Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows & More!

Designing replacement windows and patio doors for your home that make your spaces more comfortable for your family and attractive to potential buyers is essential for success. We would love to help with your projects. Simply fill in the short form on this page or call (866) 609-5033 to schedule a private in-home consultation.


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