Should You Replace Your Windows or Siding First?

Generally, it is more affordable and efficient to replace your windows and siding at the same time. But if you only have time or budget for one exterior renovation, installing new windows is usually the better option. In nearly all instances, it is better to upgrade your old, drafty windows before your damaged siding so you will not have to redo the siding and trim work down the line. Here is a brief breakdown based on the type of windows you are planning to install.

Replace Your Windows or Siding First

New Construction Windows Installation

New construction windows are primarily made for newly built homes or home additions, but this does not mean they can only be installed on newly constructed structures. Because these windows are installed from the exterior, you may have to remove the trim or siding to put them in place, so as much as possible this installation should be done before the siding is installed. You may also need to fix the framing or add a new moisture barrier and capping. Installing new construction windows also often requires waterproofing the exterior.

Replacement Windows Installation

Unlike new construction windows, replacement windows are installed from the interior of the home, meaning you can put them in place before or after your siding. Most times, you will not need to remove your siding to install them, but make sure to check with your contractor to confirm if your framing, moisture barrier or capping need any repair work. Replacement windows tend to be easier to install than new construction windows. For this type of project, think of siding as the finishing touch. Leave it for last if possible in order to eliminate any need for ripping out or redoing any aspect of your work.

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