Tips For Painting Your Double Hung Windows

Are your double hung windows still in tip-top shape but look like they’ve seen better days? If so, then why don’t you apply a fresh coat of paint? Just like your walls, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to brighten up a dull and boring window; however, painting a double hung window is a bit different than painting a wall. Follow these tips carefully to properly paint your window.

Prepare the area – The first thing you should do is prep the area. First, remove all window hardware; if you can remove the sashes, do so, and set them aside. Lay down a tarp or large cloth to protect your floor and tape your windows and adjacent walls with painter’s tape to prevent paint from getting on them. Scrape off any loose paint and sand the area to make sure you have a smooth area to paint on. You should only have to sand if you scrape of old paint.

Paint – Now comes the fun part — paint! Make sure you use a soft-bristled paint brush, and take your time.  You want to be careful not to get any paint in the window channels, as this will cause the window to stick when it’s dry. Instead of globbing it on, paint thin layers, and use multiple coats. This will prevent the paint from dripping or running, which we both know would make your window look tacky; no pun intended. If you removed your sashes, go ahead and paint them as well; place them aside to dry.

Clean hardware – With freshly painted window frames and sashes, the last thing you want to do is re-install your rusty, dirty hardware. Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy new hardware to fix this problem, instead let them soak in vinegar and then remove the grime with a steel wool brush; they’ll look as good as new!

Painting your windows can be fun and rewarding. Just remember to take your time and be careful not to drip paint where it doesn’t belong. Refrain from hastily putting your window back together as soon as you’re finished; allow paint to dry completely before using your window.

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