Warranties that Work

It’s time to replace your old windows and you’ve found a company to get the job done. Before you pay up and schedule the job, make sure you take a look at the warranty package. Some companies have been noted for their warranty and others for their lack there of. Don’t become a victim of a company that either doesn’t provide warranty or doesn’t honor it. Prepare yourself by looking for coverage of the following.

Glass – The glass is arguably the most important part of your window. Not only does the glass make your home look good, it keeps heat from transferring and keeps bugs and critters from entering! When reviewing the warranty of your glass, make sure the company covers you from manufacturing defects. If your glass becomes damaged or broken because of improper manufacturing, you shouldn’t be required to pay for new ones. No one is perfect; make sure you are protected from faulty glass.

Installation – No matter how many times a company tells you that their installers are experts in window installation, mistakes happen. Some companies do not hold installers responsible for a bad installation job and refuse to fix the job unless the homeowner pays for it. Replacing windows is a huge investment and odds are you can’t afford to pay double just because someone messed up the installation. Make sure the company you’re working with will replace windows, for free, if they are broken or damaged during installation.

All Other Window Parts – It’s easy to know when your glass is broken or needs to be replaced; however, when a window sash or frame goes bad, sometimes you won’t be aware of it for months or even years. For this reason alone, it is very important that your window supplier or installer warranties your non-glass window parts for at least 10 years. Sometimes, it could take 5 to 10 years before you know that your sash or frame is not sealed properly or damaged.

When it comes to warranty packages, not all companies have your best interest in mind. That is why you should trust all of your window and door replacement needs to Renewal by Andersen in Michigan. Our professional window installers will get the job done right, and just in case they don’t, we have a warranty package that has you covered.

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