Tips on Bringing More Natural Light Into Your Home

When used as your primary source of daytime lighting, natural light has unique benefits that include improved indoor aesthetics and consistent energy savings. Local window replacement company Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey shares tips on how to bring more natural light into your home.

Natural Light Into Your Home

Replace Your Windows With Bigger Ones

You get most of your natural lighting through your windows, so getting bigger windows should be part of your priority list. While resizing the exterior wall openings is certainly an option, you can instead choose window styles that allow the biggest glass areas possible, such as picture windows and casement windows.

Multiple smaller windows can be replaced with a combined larger window. Window frame materials also matter, as stronger materials (like our own Fibrex® material) can be made into slimmer frames – which means bigger glass panels – without compromising structure.

Install Sheer Window Treatments

Replace blinds and heavy curtains with sheer window treatments made of lace and similar fabrics. Light materials allow more light to pass through while helping maintain privacy. If you must have heavy curtains, such as when you have to block the light out so you can sleep during the day, install blackout curtains that can be tucked away or hidden when not needed.

Choose a Light Interior Color Palette

Light colors are naturally reflective, which can help brighten up dark corners that don’t usually get natural light. White is the most efficient color, but pastels work well if you want a different palette. Mirrors and decor with reflective surfaces can likewise help distribute natural lighting.

Trim the Landscaping

Shrubs and trees near the windows may be blocking natural light. Keeping them trimmed can open up the areas around the windows and help make your home brighter. Trimming the plants near the windows can also help prevent the branches from scratching the window glass and frame. It can also help reduce the risk of tree branches scratching and damaging the roof during windy days.

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