5 Things to Consider When Selecting Bathroom Windows

Windows play a major role in maintaining your home’s aesthetics, comfort and energy efficiency. They come in many different styles – and some of these window styles look and work better in a particular room. If you plan on getting new windows for your bathroom, then you’ll want to ensure you’re making the right choices. Today, we talk about some of the essentials you’ll need to consider when picking new windows for your bathroom. 

1. Take natural ventilation into account. Like the kitchen and laundry room, your bathroom generates a considerable amount of indoor moisture. And where there’s an excess of warm, moisture-laden air, mold and mildew will soon follow. You’ve most likely dealt with mold in your bathroom, scrubbing it off the tile grout or wearing down patches of it behind the tub and toilet with bleach. To prevent mold and mildew, you’ll need to mitigate excess moisture in your bathroom, and that means expelling it through ventilation.

Exhaust fans may not be enough to deal with high moisture levels in your bath space, but your new windows definitely can. Good windows for ventilation include:

  • Casement Windows
    You can angle the sash of your casement windows at around 45 degrees to better direct cooling air into your bathroom and expel warm, moist air. 
  • Double Hung Windows
    When you open both their top and bottom sashes at the same time, double hung windows allow fresh air to enter the bathroom via the bottom sash while warm, stale air is expelled through the top sash.
  • Sliding Windows
    These windows create a wide opening that draws fresh, cooling air into your bath space. 

With these windows in place, you can expect reduced moisture levels and prevent mold and mildew from growing in your bathroom. Plus, the excellent ventilation they provide can get rid of any lingering odors, helping keep your space fresh.

2. Increase access to natural light. Good lighting design is important in a bathroom. And while strategically positioned fixtures can do a lot for the space, nothing can beat the warm and cheerful glow provided by natural light. You can increase the room’s access to it by choosing new windows with slim framing and a large glass area. To further maximize natural light, choose not to add a grille pattern to these new units. 

3. Comply with building codes. There are certain codes in place that may affect your options for bathroom windows. For instance, the space should have at least one operable window. To make sure that the new window is up to code, the unit should also be the right size. This is so it can be used to safely exit your home during an emergency. Using casement and sliding windows usually meet building codes, so make sure your bathroom has at least one of the two.

4. Add a focal point. Just like how you can install sliding patio doors to elevate the look of your outdoor living space, you can also use your new windows to establish a focal point in your bathroom. Choosing the right window style should help with this. One fine example is sliding windows, which not only give the space a sleek and contemporary vibe, but also maximizes your viewing area. Casement and awning windows are also a favorite, just as long you pick ones without grilles. To create an even greater impression, position your new windows in the shower area or just above the bathtub. A vanity flanked by a window on both sides is also a good stylistic choice. 

5. Don’t overlook privacy. Choosing newer, larger windows for your bathroom might be an issue if the homes in your neighborhood are placed close together. Luckily, there are a few ways to go around this. You should consider installing windows higher up on the wall so your bathroom can still have access to natural light, but won’t compromise your privacy. Placing the new window somewhere that doesn’t face the neighboring house should also work. 

Working With Renewal by Andersen® of Nashville

You can count on Renewal by Andersen® of Nashville for quality patio doors and windows installation. But if you need a professional for picking new windows for your bathroom (or any room in your home), we’ll be more than happy to help. After all, we have always been committed to delivering exceptional window solutions to homeowners in Davidson County and beyond for many years.

Our replacement windows use a revolutionary composite material, Fibrex®, for sashes and frames. Fibrex doesn’t pit, crack, peel, rot or corrode. It’s also impervious to warping, allowing for windows that will remain tough and weathertight for many years to come. That’s because this composite offers the best features of wood and vinyl, but none of their weaknesses. When paired with our advanced High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, Fibrex windows become unmatched when it comes to energy-saving performance.

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