Tips to Get the Best Deal on Replacement Windows

A good deal on replacement windows doesn’t always mean they cost less. There are ways, such as choosing the most energy-efficient windows, which can give you the best value, perhaps even pay off over the long term. In this blog, window replacement contractor Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta shares some tips on how to get the best deal on replacement windows.

Avoid Features That You Don’t Need

No matter the style, color or size, replacement windows have a common set of features that you could consider as your “baseline”: double-pane glass, low-maintenance and insulated frames, and durable hardware among them.

When choosing among window replacement options, be more critical of your choices. Options such as decorative glass and custom grilles may be an aesthetic improvement, but are they absolutely necessary when you have a limited window replacement budget? One approach to window replacement that may help is simply just throw all the features that you want into a pile, regardless of cost. You then take each feature away one by one, essentially “paring” down your choices to just what you really need.

Stick to Standard Window Styles

Custom replacement windows are nice. They let you make a statement and can be the visual element that lets you call your home truly your own. They can also cost much more than standard replacement window styles, given the required labor to build them. Casement and double-hung windows may sound too common, but there’s a reason why these styles have become standard designs: it’s because they simply work. The good news is, the style may be standard, but with a few customizations, they will look anything but.

Check Energy Performance Labels

Energy performance labels indicate a replacement window’s energy ratings in three categories: insulation (U-Factor), natural lighting (Visible Transmittance) and heat gain from sunlight (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, or SHGC). These ratings help you find a replacement window that suits your home’s needs, which, in turn, help you save on energy costs over the long term.

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