Top Reasons Why Window Condensation Happens

Foggy windows happen because of condensation. Usually, this isn’t something to worry about, but you should consult a window professional if the condensation seems excessive. 

Top Reasons Why Window Condensation Happens

Here are the top reasons why condensation occurs and how you can reduce it.

Common Causes of Window Condensation

Single-Pane Windows

Condensation occurs when hot air meets cold air and hits the dew point, enabling moisture to form in the air. Single-pane windows have little insulating capacity, so this is a factor why condensation develops. During window replacement, you can opt to have double-glazed windows installed in your home to reduce indoor condensation and lower indoor humidity levels.

Poor Window Installation

Air gaps due to improperly fitting panes and frames indicate poor window installation. These gaps leak outside air into your home, clashing with the room temperature and causing moisture to form. To fix this, you can call your contractor to redo the installation and address the issue.

Window Defects

Defective windows may have small cracks or gaps, bent window frames or improper window seals. Don’t repair these issues yourself — contact your manufacturer for warranties. Keep in mind that manufacturers only honor warranties if a qualified contractor installed the windows for you.

How to Reduce Window Condensation

Here are some ways to reduce window condensation in your home:

  • Open curtains and blinds. Curtains and blinds trap humid air between the pane and cloth. Opening them will reduce indoor humidity and prevent indoor air from reaching the dew point.
  • Swing open your windows. Open your windows to improve indoor airflow and reduce indoor humidity.
  • Buy a dehumidifier. A home dehumidifier can absorb moisture from the air. Consult a distributor to find the perfect dehumidifier to keep your indoor humidity at a normal level and reduce condensation.

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