What Are the Best Window Styles for Increased Ventilation?

Aside from letting copious amounts of sunlight into your home, windows are also a great means for increasing ventilation, especially in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom where heat and moisture must be let out of the space. If good ventilation is high up on your priority list, here are some of the best window styles to consider for your home.

Best Window Styles

Casement Windows

A casement window, also known as a crank window, is hinged at the side and opens to the left or right. When you turn the crank at the base of the unit, the glass pane hinges outward at an angle, funneling breezes from outside into your home. Although casements are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, these windows can be used just about anywhere in your home. For this reason, many homeowners who value ventilation and energy efficiency opt to install casement windows.

Sliding Windows

Unlike casement windows, sliding windows glide on tracks and do not protrude when they are opened, making them ideal for assisting ventilation in areas with limited space. Bear in mind, however, that only half of the sliding window can be opened. This restriction limits the amount of natural airflow that can be distributed within a space. If you need extra ventilation in a room, install a sliding window with three panels, consisting of two operable panels and one fixed panel.

Bay Windows

A bay window is an assembly of three windows that project outward from an exterior wall. The unit in the middle is often a fixed window while the windows on each side can be casement or hung windows. This design encourages ventilation because the two side windows are able to catch breezes flowing in multiple directions.

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