What to Consider When Looking for the Right Door Handle

Choosing a door handle for your entry door takes more than just picking anything available at the local hardware store. This is a crucial part of your door that requires the right lockset and other components, and they’re available in different materials, sizes and styles. 

What to Consider When Looking for the Right Door Handle

Door Handle Types 

Many people interchange the terms “doorknob” and “door handle”, but they’re really different. Door knobs are usually round in shape and are operated by turning while door handles are shaped like a lever. Another type found on front doors is the handle set, which has a separate deadbolt that needs to be pushed down the thumb latch to open the door. 

Visual Appearance and Feel

The door handle is a design element that’s available in different colors and designs. It won’t be hard to find one that can make an impact on your home’s exteriors, but you might feel overwhelmed. This is something that you’ll be using constantly, so the feel of your door handle is crucial. If you’re not sure what to choose, you can always consider a design that looks comfortable and not complicated to use. Then, you can also consider the options that match your windows or siding. 

Price Range

If you’ve settled on the right door handle for your home, you might still be hesitant due to the price of the product. Some door handles are sold as sets, so even if you found the right handle, you might have to spend extra for the latches and hinges. This can prove costly if you’re designing a new home or adding more rooms. 

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