Which Is Best: Sliding or French Patio Doors?

Which is Best: Sliding or French Doors

If your old patio door is drafty, doesn’t open and close smoothly, has cosmetic defects or needs frequent maintenance, it may be time to replace that old door. When replacing your patio doors, the first thing you’ll have to decide is whether you want a French-style door or a sliding (aka gliding door. These two styles are distinctive, and each type has its own features and benefits. This article will help explain the differences and help you decide which style meets your and your family’s needs best.

The Differences Between Sliding & French Doors

When you see sliding and French doors for the first time, you’ll quickly notice some differences for yourself, but not all the differences are obvious. Here’s what to consider as you make your decision:

Sliding Doors

Contemporary Sliding patio doors can have a wide, open glazing with no grilles or you can choose from a number of different grille patterns. These doors often have the narrowest frames so they offer maximum visibility, to highlight the beautiful view outside your door.

Contemporary sliding patio doors operate on a sliding track, which makes them very space efficient. If your room or patio has little space for a hinged patio door, then a sliding contemporary door may be your best option. These offer the most flexibility for furniture placement inside or outside (depending upon the direction of the door swing). Contemporary patio doors are also a good option in homes built with a modern, minimalist style.

French Doors

French doors can also come with no grilles or a number of different grille patterns to draw attention to the lovely construction of the door. These doors are available in hinged or in sliding form, so you can choose a door that fits your space and your needs.

French doors are a good option in homes with a classic architectural style. If the view in your backyard is nothing special, French doors can add flair to the view from inside your home.

Explore Your Patio Door Options

Sometimes making a decision between French patio doors and sliding contemporary patio doors can be tough. The best way to make your decision is to work with a reputable patio door consultant or dealer.

Get a quote from a patio door dealer that you can trust, and install high-quality patio doors to protect your investment in your home’s value. When you’re hiring a patio door dealer and installer to complete this project, do your homework, so you can find the best door and installation for your project. This will ensure years of trouble-free use and protect your home’s resale value.

  • Contact references. Call references before choosing a patio door dealer and installer. Any installer you hire should have excellent references. When checking references, ask them if they would hire that installer again and if they were overall satisfied with the work performed. If not, ask them why not.
  • Get quotes from multiple installers. Don’t limit your search to one dealer or installer. When you vet multiple installers, it becomes easier to distinguish which dealers are high quality and which ones fall flat.

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