Can (and Should) Old Windows Be Repaired in Michigan?

As windows age, certain problems tend to develop. The sash may separate from the window glass, leading to leaks. Condensation may appear between the panes of glass, or the locks may no longer function. There are companies that will come into your Michigan home and repair your old windows. However, just because you can repair your old windows does not mean you should. In most cases, replacing your windows is a much better choice. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Old windows are not very energy-efficient.

Years ago, windows were made with plain glass — and sometimes only one sheet of it. So even if you have the old windows repaired, they will not be terribly efficient. New windows, on the other hand, feature options like performance glass and upgraded frame materials, such as Fibrex®. As a result, they are so much more energy-efficient. Replacing your windows may cost a little more up-front than just repairing them, but the energy savings you experience will soon make up for the extra expense.

2. Window locking mechanisms are hard to repair well. 

It’s so important that your windows close and lock shut securely. You would not want an insecure window to increase your risk of theft and crime. The locking mechanisms on old windows are tough to repair. Even if the repair company is able to make them functional, they may not be very strong. If the wood around the lock is deteriorating, for instance, someone may be able to gain access to your home simply by pressing on the window and breaking the lock free from the wood frame. New windows with new, carefully designed locks and latching systems are so much more secure. And you can’t put a price on your family’s security and safety.

3. Old windows will continue to deteriorate.

Most old windows in Michigan homes are made from wood. Even if you have the windows repaired now, the wood will continue to deteriorate, especially if a small amount of rot has already set in. Deteriorating windows will develop leak after leak; you won’t be able to keep up with repairing each small leak as it appears. New windows, on the other hand, are often made from composite materials like Fibrex, which resist rotting and moisture damage. They will stay secure and deterioration-free for many years to come. Just make sure you stay away from replacement windows made with vinyl frames. Vinyl is not as durable and may crack and warp, leading to leaks once again.

4. Old windows require a lot of maintenance.

Once you have your windows repaired, you will need to spend a lot of time taking care of them if you do not want them to keep breaking. You’ll need to scrape them, paint them, and perhaps even caulk them. This maintenance can take up a lot of time. Fibrex replacement windows, on the other hand, are virtually maintenance-free (other than cleaning).

If your older windows are damaged, think twice before you hire a company to repair them. The money you would spend on repairs is better spent on replacement windows that are more energy-efficient, more secure, lower maintenance, and less prone to deterioration. Contact Renewal by Andersen to learn more about our replacement windows or to schedule a free consultation in your Michigan home.

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