Doors can Drastically Change the Appearance of a House

We all know that when putting a house on the market, you will need to have enough patience. You probably understand this because you have once been a homebuyer yourself. Try to remember what it was that attracted you to your current home. Surely, it’s something that you saw from the outside. This is because the primary factor that attracts a prospector is the curb appeal. Along with other components, the right kind of window or door can make your home stand out in any environment. We talked to Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta and asked about their opinion on this:

Q: In your experience, do you really think curb appeal helps sell a home?

A: More often than not, changing something can drastically change the appearance of the whole house, making it look fresher and just improves it aesthetically. And this really gives the house a bigger chance to be checked on compared to other homes.

Q: Do entry doors in Atlanta fall in this category?

A: Yes, of course.If you think about it, it is the first thing that a potential buyer sees up close especially if they are going to inspect a house. They say first impressions last. Therefore, if they already like what they see at the entrance, then you have a bigger chance of closing a deal. In fact, an article from shares that:

Pay close attention to the front door and garage doors, including paint or stain condition and color, hardware and details – these doors command a lot of attention. Consider adding seasonal decorations like a wreath or potted plants near the door, but keep these tasteful and few – don’t distract from the house itself.

Q: What kind of doors do you think best attracts a homebuyer’s attention?

A: Our French doors in Atlanta are one of the clients’ favorite because it showcases the area’s beautiful surroundings and it gives off an elegant and sophisticated aura for the whole house. They are available in either hinged or sliding styles and can be configured for interior or exterior use. But they are not only attractive; they are also durable because of Fibrex™ frames and Low-E4 glass. So if you want to have a winning combination that will sell your house faster, call us at Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta.

(Article Excerpt from The Art of the Approach: Curb Appeal,, July 1, 2014)


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