Replacing Your Windows: Should You Do It Before Selling Your Home?

A spacious and well-maintained home will, no doubt, sell faster than one in need of extensive repairs. This simple truth often compels homeowners to start making small modifications and upgrades before listing their house for sale. One of the most effective methods to enhance the resale value of a home before selling is to install new replacement windows, but does it really make sense – financially? Keep on reading to find out.

replacing windows before selling your home

How Is the Real Estate Market?

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), new and energy-efficient windows are considered “essential or desirable” by 87% of potential residential real estate buyers. So, this means that getting rid of old, worn-out windows and replacing them with new ones gives your home a competitive edge in the marketplace. However, it is still a smart move to consult with a local realtor to learn about how homes are selling in your neighborhood.

Will Your Existing Windows Cause Inspection Problems?

If your current windows are broken down, warped or holding moisture between the panes, replacing them may be crucial to selling your home. If a professional inspector is likely to flag your windows as a cause for concern, you will be faced with replacing them later in the process, so better to get it done before moving out of the house. Strong, efficient and weather-resistant Fibrex® windows are an excellent choice.

Are There More Pressing Concerns?

Any meticulous homeowner will find it fitting to spend a little bit of cash in order to improve the condition of the house before putting it on the market. If you find that your budget is best used elsewhere, then it is understandable to put window replacement on hold. For instance, a roof that is leaking in different areas demands immediate attention and may take priority over windows that are still functional but could stand to be fine-tuned.

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